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This is a grid of all the users.  Note that this may take several pages, so you can use navigation tools that are at the bottom-right of the page.


Grid info

  • First and last name, email address as well as last connected date/time and whether or not the user is Activated and/or a Kodexa administrator are all indicated here.

Create a User

Use the '+' button on the top right and fill in the information

The email address and the password (see below) are required to login

You may Activate the user when creating.  A user must be activated in order to login.
A new user does not have a default.  You must create the first password. See below.

3-dot menu

  • Edit

    • Allows identity details to be modified
    • Here you can make the user Activated and/or a (Kodexa) Platform Administrator.
  • Change Password

    • Allows an Administrator to change a user's password.
    • Remember to follow the password rules as seen on the screen.
    • No one can view a password.  Password can only be changed, either by an Administrator here or by any user via the Profile menu option.
    • When a new user is set up, there is no password.  You must create the first password and then the user can change it via their Profile menu option. 
    • If a user has been deactivated, the password is lost.  If that user is reactivated, the password must be reset.
Don't forget to click 'Save'.
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